Help us to establish Drala Jong - a Buddhist Retreat Centre in Wales

Help us to establish Drala Jong - a Buddhist Retreat Centre in Wales
Help us to establish Drala Jong - a Buddhist Retreat Centre in Wales


Aro Ling Cardiff - September Newsletter - courses & events for the autumn

Aro Ling Buddhist Centre

35 Merthyr Road (rear of Chambers) 
Whitchurch, Cardiff
, CF14 1DB
We hope you have enjoyed a lovely summer – especially the gloriously sunny weather. All of us at Aro Ling Cardiff are feeling refreshed after summer retreats and holidays and looking forward to welcoming you to the Autumn programme.

Aro Ling will be open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays during the day, depending on the availability of a volunteer to staff the centre – look for the ‘open’ sign in the window. Please call in to join in the daytime activities, to practise, to browse the library, or to chat with Nor’dzin.

Autumn Programme:

Vajra Romance – the intrinsically enlightened nature of romance
Thursdays, 5 week course, 19:00 – 20:30, 25th September – 23rd October, £25
Vajra Romance reveals romantic love as the nearest analogy for enlightenment we can find in everyday life: emptiness and enjoyment; the practice of taking one’s lover as a divine teacher; and the practical possibility of continuing to fall in love, in perpetuity. This teaching also illuminates the causes of the problems we often encounter within relationships: lack of fulfilment, failing to meet our partner’s emotional needs; clinging, cruelty, and indifference.

The Body of Visions – the rich and dramatic symbolism of inner Tantra
Thursdays, 5 week course, 19:00 – 20:30, 6th November – 4th December, £25
Explore tantric imagery, and practices of vision, voice, mudra, and music. The peaceful, joyous, and wrathful meditation beings cover every human body type – and in so doing, release us from the bondage of societal sanction with regard to how we appear.

Tibetan Yoga – through these movements Mind finds itself in its own free space.
Saturdays, 3 week course, 10 – 12, October 11 – 24, £15
Tibetan yoga (sKu-mNyé) is a system of physical movements which give rise to profound sensations of intimacy with the elements, freeing us from the domination of boredom; fear; neurotic obsession; paranoia; or depression.

Weaving the elements – release neurosis into the skies of the elements
Saturdays, 4 week course, 10 – 12, November 08 – 29, £20
Weave the elements earth, water, fire, air and space into thread cross designs and amulets to release oneself or others from neurotic and health problems.

Regular on-going events:

Meditation Group – yogic song & silent sitting; an open group
Tuesdays, 19:00 – 20:30 (suggested donation £5)
Please do come along—beginner or experienced—everyone is welcome.

Meditation – discover the spaciousness of Mind
1st Saturday of each month, 10 – 12 (suggested donation £5)
The first of this on-going series is September 6th. Learn about the many forms of meditation and how to begin or establish a regular practice.

Tibetan Yoga – through these movements Mind finds itself in its own free space.
Wednesdays 14:30, Fridays 10:30, 1 hour session (suggested donation £3)
Call in and find out about Tibetan yoga. It offers a complete range of exercises with some to suit all ages, abilities and body types.

All details of our events can be found at and these events will also soon be posted on Meetup. Please pass on details of these courses to anyone and everyone if you are able. Aro Ling survives on donations, and advertising is expensive, so if you can help to spread the word this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. We hope you find something in the Autumn Programme that interests you and we look forward to welcoming you at Aro Ling Cardiff soon.

About Aro Ling Cardiff
Aro Ling Cardiff is a Buddhist Centre in the Aro Tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism.  It opened in September 2013 and is situated in the heart of Whitchurch Village in Cardiff.  Please see for more current courses and follow the blog - - for more information. You can also make a virtual visit to Aro Ling Cardiff:

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